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   Zhangjiagang Ruiteyou Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Zhangjiagang City, a civilized and sanitary city in the eastern coastal area of Jiangsu Province. The geographical position is superior. It is adjacent to Shanghai in the east, Nanjing in the west, Suxichang area in the south, and close to the 204 national highway. The water and land transportation is very convenient.

     Rui Te You Company is a plastic extrusion enterprise integrating production, technical service and new product research and development. It has advanced development design system and experienced technical team. The main products are: PVC pipe production line, PE pipe production line......

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There are many ways people buy goods, but in the face of so many choices, most people put this on the basis of whether it is reliable? Generally speaking, big brands and quality are reliable. Ordinary goods are...
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At present, PVC pipe production lines are very popular in the production process. Whether it is a large enterprise or a small and medium-sized enterprise, it is hoped that this new PVC pipe production line will increase production efficiency while maintaining product accuracy to a certain extent.
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In order to be the best, the production line of PVC pipe has always been talking to himself, and it better shows its foundation. Under constant efforts, we have seen that the PVC pipe production line has not lived up to the...

PET granulator s
The PET granulator is shipped to Turkey, thanks to the trust of the customer, the customer has been the second purchase. Product Advisory Hotline: 13701561438